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Smart Investing Made Easier With Lendai And Steadily Insurance

Navigating the complexities of investing in US real estate can be challenging, particularly when securing your properties correctly. That's why we've joined forces with Steadily, America's best-rated landlord insurance, to offer our esteemed Lendai clients a convenient and straightforward solution for all their insurance needs.

How Can Lendai Help?

To Fully support our clients, Lendai vatted and partnered with Landlord insurance experts to offer a comprehensive and Cost-Effective insurance products specifically designed for rental properties.

What Is Landlord Insurance?

Landlord Insurance is an insurance policy designed to cover property owners where there is damage to a property they rent out. Finding the right insurance coverage can be a challenging task when investing in real estate in a foreign country. However, if you're planning to rent out your property, landlord insurance is an absolute necessity. Steadily understand the unique needs of rental property owners, and have built a team of specialists whose core focus is serving the 17 million individual landlords across the US.

Steadily Product And Coverages​​

Steadily offers these policy types,
in descending order of frequency:

  • Dwelling policy (DP3, DP2, DP1)
  • Umbrella
  • Builder’s risk
  • Renters
  • Tenant liability (forced-place insurance for tenants without renters’ insurance)
  • Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Inland marine (construction materials)
  • Commercial (apartment buildings)

All property types are supported including:

  • Mobile homes
  • Short-term rentals
  • AirBnB
  • Student housing
  • Vacant properties
  • Renovation / Construction / Vacant land
  • Apartment buildings

Contact Us if You Have Any Questions or Would Like to Learn More About These Services

Securing Your Investment: A Deep Dive into Property Insurance Options

In this article, we'll discuss the key aspects to look for when choosing landlord insurance, ensuring your investment is protected and your peace of mind intact. So, if you're a foreign investor navigating the US residential real estate market, click the button below for some invaluable insights.
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